ESMA 6665 Statistical Computing

General Syllabus
List of Stories of the Data sets
Homeworks and Exams
R Program An Introduction to R
R Programing Language and User-Written Functions
Extending R
Some R Commands
Numerical Methods Optimization and Integration
EM algorithm
Estimating Standard Error Simulation
and Bias The Bootstrap
Some Applications
Visualization Modern Graphics
Bayesian Analysis An Example
Linear Statistical Models A linear regression example
Regression Diagnostics
Box Cox transforms
Multiple Regression Models and Model Selection
Polynomial Regression Models
Local Regression Models - Smoothing
Nonlinear Parametric Models
Generalized Linear Models Generalized Linear Models
Generalized Additive Models
Robust Statistics Robust Regression
Regression Trees
Survival Analysis Estimators of Survivor Curves
Cox Proportional Hazard Model
Discrimination Introduction
and Classification Theory
Analysis of Multivariate Data Principal Components
Sequential Analysis An Example
Density Estimation Theory