Dr. Wolfgang A. Rolke

Professor, Department of Mathematical Sciences, University of Puerto Rico - Mayaguez


My main research area is the statistical analysis of data from high energy physics experiments. I am an associate member of the CMS collaboration, a high energy physics experiment at the Large Hadron Collider at CERN, Geneva, Switzerland

Publications and Presentations

For a list of my publications and to download some of the related routines, go here

Apps and Online Tools

I have written well over 30 apps in R shiny. Most of them are for teaching basic statistics. For a list and to download the apps go here.

R in Introductory Statistics:

moodler - Randomized Moodle Quizzes with R


Here are links to the web pages I use for my courses:

ESMA3015: Elementary Statistics

ESMA3101: Introduction to Statistics I

ESMA3102: Introduction to Statistics II

ESMA4002: Mathematical Statistics II

ESMA5015: Simulation

ESMA6600: Probability Theory (I)

ESMA6661: Theory of Statistics(I)

ESMA6665: Statistical Computing

ESMA6789: Stochastic Processes

ESMA6835: Computing with R

The material in these webpages is freely available to anyone. If anybody other than my students downloads parts or all of this material, though, I would appreciate it if you send me an email (address below) and let me know. Also, there are numerous datasets here which I found from many sources. If any of this data is proprietary and the owner does not want it publicaly available, please let me know.


My office is Monzon 306, tel (787) 832-4040 x2661.
My email address is wolfgang[dot]rolke[at]upr[dot]edu

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