ESMA 3015 Introduction to Statistics

You can download all the datasets at once (in MINITAB project format) as a zip file here
You can download the MINITAB macros as a zip file here

General Syllabus
List of Stories of the Data sets
Homeworks and Exams
Some Basic Ideas and Concepts Introduction to ESMA 3015
Introduction to Using the Computer
Statistics and Ethics
Data Collection
Descriptive Statistics - Data Summaries Graphs
Mean, Median, Standard Deviation
Percentiles and Boxplots
Multivariate Data
Exercise Problems
Relationship between Two Variables Correlation
Exercise Problems
Probability Introduction to Probability
Random Variables and Distributions
Some Special Random Variables and Distributions
Exercise Problems
Statistical Inference Population - Sample
Hypothesis Testing
Checking for Normality
Inference for the Mean m
Inference for a Proportion (Percentage) p
Two Sample Problem, Inference for two Means
Two-way Tables - Chisquare test for Independence
Exercise Problems
Exercise Problems for the Final
Tables Binomial Distribution
Normal Distribution
Critical Values