ESMA 3102 Introduction to Statistics II

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List of Stories of the Data sets    
Quizzes, Homeworks and Exams    
Some Basic Ideas and Reviews
Introduction to ESMA 3102    
Introduction to Using the Computer and to R    
R Routines    
Outliers - Detection and Treatment    
Describing a Population: Probability Distributions    
Confidence Intervals    
Hypothesis Testing - Introduction    
Hypothesis Testing - Basics    
Methods for Univariate Data    
Bayesian Statistics    
Exercise Problems 1    
Question: Is there a Relationship?
Method Predictors(s) Response
Categorical Data Analysis Categorical Categorical
Oneway ANOVA - 2 Sample t Categorical Quantitative
Pearson's Correlation Coefficient Quantitative Quantitative
Correlation vs Causation    
Non-Normal Residuals, No Equal Variance - Transformation    
Non-Normal Residuals, No Equal Variance - Non-Parametric    
Exercise Problems 2    
Question: If so, what is the Relationship?
Oneway ANOVA Categorical Quantitative
Simple Linear Regression Quantitative Quantitative
Regression to the Mean    
Assumptions of SLR    
Hypothesis Tests in SLR    
Non-Normal Residuals, No Equal Variance    
Non-Linear Models: Transformations and Polynomials    
Coefficient of Determination and Over-fitting    
Exercise Problems 3    
Two or More Predictors, Interaction
Simpson's Paradox Categorical Categorical
ANOVA All Categorical Quantitative
Multiple Regression At Least One Quantitative Quantitative
Multiple Regression with Dummy Variables Quantitative and Categorical Quantitative
Exercise Problems 4