ESMA 3102 - Introduction to Statistics II

Resma3.RData (Ver 2.5)

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For a nice introduction to Statistcs watch the PBS-NOVA episode Prediction by the Numbers

1 General Information

1.1. Syllabus

4 Is there a relationship?

Method Predictor Response
4.1 Categorical Data Analysis Categorical Categorical
4.2 ANOVA Categorical Quantitative
4.3 Correlation Quantitative Quantitative

4.4 Correlation vs Causation

4.5 Non-Normal Residuals, No Equal Variance - Transformation

4.6Non-Normal Residuals, No Equal Variance - Non-Parametric

4.7 Exercises

5 If so, what is there a relationship?

Method Predictor Response
5.1 ANOVA - Multiple Comparison Categorical Quantitative
5.2 Simple Regression Quantitative Quantitative

5.3 Assumptions of SLR

5.4 Hypothesis Tests in SLR

5.5 Prediction

5.6 Non-Normal Residuals, No Equal Variance

5.7 Non-Linear Models: Transformations and Polynomials

5.8 Coefficient of Determination and Over-fitting

4.9 Exercises

6 More Than One Predictor

Method Predictors Response
6.1 Categorical Data - Simpson’s Paradox All Categorical Categorical
6.2 ANOVA All Categorical Quantitative
6.3 Mulitple Regression Quantitative Quantitative
6.4 Regression with Dummy Variables Quantitative/Categorical Quantitative

6.5 Exercises