ESMA 6661 Theory of Statistics


General Syllabus
List of Stories of the Data sets
Homeworks and Exams
Some Basic Ideas and Concepts Introduction to Statistics
  Introduction to Using the Computer and to R
  R Routines
R Programing Language and User-Written Functions
Probability in Statistics Probability Theory
Distribution Arising in Statistics
The Likelihood Function
Bayesian vs Frequentist Statistics Introduction
  More about Priors
Point Estimation Properties of Estimators
Methods for Finding Estimators
A Longer Example
Approximations Methods
Hypothesis Testing Hypothesis Testing
Evaluating Hypothesis Tests
Methods for Finding Hypothesis Tests
A Simple Example
A Longer Example - Continued
Interval Estimation Basics
  Methods for Finding Interval Estimates
Bernoulli - Binomial Parameter p
A Longer Example - Continued
Some Standard Problems Difference in Proportions
  Equal Variance
  Two-way Tables
  Ordinary Linear Regression
  Goodness of Fit Tests
  Nuisance Parameters
The Bootstrap Basic Idea
  Some Applications