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Each year the center offers a series of seminars in Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands. The purpose of these seminars is to meet the transportation needs of the municipalities, as well as the Puerto Rico Department of Transportation and Public Works of and the Virgin Islands Department of Public Works.

The level of training varies depending upon the topic and the audience to be addressed. The seminars are classified into two categories: technical seminars and supporting tool related seminars. Technical seminars correspond to topics of technical nature related to transportation, such as pavements materials, drainage, highway safety, traffic engineering, and so forth. Supporting tool related seminars include those that complement routine transportation related activities such as introduction to microcomputers and software, basic management concepts, and guidelines in technical writing. 

Tentative Topics for the Seminar Program for Puerto Rico - Calendar Year 2011


  • Introduction to the Highway Safety Manual
  • Introduction to the New Legislation: Transportation Management Plan (TMP)
  • Managing Traffic Incident and Roadway Emergencies
  • Road Safety 365: A Safety Workshop for Local Government
  • Work Zone Safety: Guidelines for Temporary Traffic Control
  • Tort Liability for Improper Signing and Pavement Markings

Infrastructure Management

  • Geosynthethic Engineering Workshop - Reinforcement
  • Introduction to Adaptative Signal Control Technology
  • Parking Studies Applied to Municipal Facilities
  • Evaluation and Maintenance of Pavements
  • Provisions for Transportation Infrastructure Systems: Public-Private Partnership 

Workforce Development

  • Strategies for Sustainable Development and Transportation
  • Instroduction to NEPA and Transportation Decision-Making
  • Basic Conceptsof Conflicts and Resolution in Roads and Highway Construction Projects
  • The New Regulation and Permit Law for Construction Projects in Puerto Rico


Tentative Topics for the Seminar Program for the US Virgin Islands DPW - Calendar Year 2011



OSHA 10 Hour Class for the Roadway Construction Industry


Managing Traffic Incident and Roadway Emergencies


Road Safety 365: A Safety Workshop for Local Government