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OCAM is a government entity of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico created by Chapter XIX of Law Number 81 of August 30, 1991, as amended, known as “Ley de Municipios Autónomos de Puerto Rico” (Law of Autonomous Municipalities of Puerto Rico).  The purpose of the law is to assist, support and provide resources to municipalities in order for them to offer a clear service with excellence to their constituents.
On November 16, 2007, during the First Summit of Infrastructure and Safety of Western Puerto Rico, the PR-LTAP Center signed an Collaborative Agreement with the Office of the Commissioner of Municipal Affairs of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico (OCAM, by its abbreviation in Spanish) to promote the participation of Puerto Rico municipalities in the training seminars and workshops offered by the Center. This agreement results in benefits to Puerto Rico municipalities and local and state transportation agencies by increasing the exposure of local transportation officials to the PR-LTAP Center activities. Click here to see the Collaborative Agreement


Picture taken during the signing of the agreement. In the picture from the left: Hon. Pedro García, Hormigueros Mayor; Hon. José Guillermo Rodríguez, Mayagüez Mayor; Dr. Alberto Figueroa, PR-LTAP Deputy Director, Lic. Ángel Castillo, OCAM Commissioner, Dr. Benjamín Colucci, PR-LTAP Director, Hon. Javier Jiménez, San Sebastián Mayor, and Hon. Luis A. Echeverría, Aguada Mayor.