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Welcome to the CASTLE's home page, the Dr. Acuna's research group in computational and statistical learning for knowledge discovery in databases. Take a look at What's New in our group. For a CASTLE's presentation click here.

Our research is focused in the development of statistical methods and algorithms to carry out tasks for Data Mining, Machine Learning, Bioinformatics, Data streams, adn Massive Datasets (Big Data). Our group was supported by a grant from the Office of Naval Research and DoD from 2000-2008.

What's New

UNALM, Lima-Peru, Abril 10 del 2015 (en espanol):"De la Estadistica a la Ciencias de Datos" Aqui
PUCP, Lima-Peru, Abril 9 del 2015: "Aspectos estadisticos y computacionales del analisis de datos masivos ( Big data)". here
PUCMyM, Santo Domingo-Republica Dominicana, Octubre 7 del 2014. "Herramientas para Mineria de datos Masivos". aqui
UPRM, Mayaguez-Puerto Rico, November 18, 2013. "Tools for Mining Massive Datasets" here
Mr. Florian Pedross, doctoral student from Innsbruck University at Austria, was visiting our research group from March 15 till May 15, 2007.
In July 2007, Luis Daza defended succesfully his dissertation for a doctoral degree in CISE. He became the third CASTLE's member receiving a doctoral degree.
In December 2007, Frida Coaquira received her doctoral degree degree in CISE. Frida is the fourth member of the CASTLE group to receive a doctoral degree.
In January 2009, Dr. Acuna was awarded with a Fulbright Scholar grant to visit Peru during four months of 2009.
In December 2011, Roxana Aparicio defended succesfully his dissertation for a doctoral degree in CISE. She became the fifth CASTLE's member receiving a doctoral degree.
Currently CASTLE's members include two doctoral student in CISE ( Information Science), and two master students in Statistics.


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