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The Center for Chemical Sensors Development (CCSD) and the Chemical Imaging Center (CIC) are Research, Development, Education and Training centralized facilities that operate as part of the Department of Chemistry of the University of Puerto Rico-Mayaguez (UPRM). Main thrust areas of research and education includes small-print to nanoscale chemical sensors, although a wide variety of other chemical and physical sensing modalities are also used. Source to target distances range from microscopic distances to several meters are accommodated within the CCSD umbrella. At the base of the CCSD structure is the goal of providing our main customers: undergraduate and graduate students with the best education and training so that may become skilled scientists and engineers. Cooperation with the twin Research and Education Center at the Department of Chemistry: the Chemical Imaging Center of UPRM is fostered through joint projects in which students and professors from both centers participate. Collaborations with island wide scientists and with national and international colleagues are also sponsored.

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Infrared Standoff Detection
John R. Castro Suarez, Graduate Student
This project is a new interesting research for the group, in Infrared Technologies area.

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