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Members of the Month

In our growing commitment to reward those who have excelled in our chapter, each month we will recognize one of our members as Member of the Month. Due to privacy concerns, we cannot publish the e-mail addresses of the members. However, if you wish to get in contact with any of them, send us a request at and we'll put you in contact.

Current Member of the Month


Angela M. Ferrá Elías

" Meteorology, for me, is the opportunity to bring others the hope of a new day after each storm. It is because of this that since I was a young girl I knew that I wanted to become a meteorologist and carry out this misión. Since then, all my efforts have been focused on this goal. Thanks to the Sociedad Meteorológica de Puerto Rico I have been able to become and grow as leader, student, and profesional. Today, I harvest the fruit of my labor during these past 6 years by being named Member of the Month. To me, this recognition is just another way to demonstrate that perseverance, team work, and effort are the key to success. You can be the next one! What are you waiting for to do your part? Working together we can ensure that our society is even better. Go for it! "


César Ríos Cuevas

"I thank you all for electing me as Member of the Month, but more importantly, giving me the opportunity to contribute to our society. We're here to work and keep on the progress of La Sociedad Meteorológica de Puerto Rico. With a lot of effort and dedication we'll go wherever we want to go. Today it was me, tomorrow it could be you, so I encourage all of you to take part in this gratifying process. "


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